Residence Management System

The Act on Partial Amendments to the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act and the Special Act on the Immigration Control of, Inter Alia, Those Who Have Lost Japanese Nationality Pursuant to the Treaty of Peace with Japan was promulgated on July 15, 2009, and a new system of residence management will be implemented from July 2012.

The aim of the new system of residence management is to enable the Minister of Justice to continuously keep the information which is necessary for residence management of foreign nationals, and also to ensure further convenience for those foreign nationals who are residing legally in Japan. Specifically, foreign nationals residing legally in Japan for a medium to long term will be issued with residence cards.

If a foreign national changes workplaces or makes some other form of change, he or she will be required to give a notification of such change. The maximum period of stay, which is now 3 years for those will be extended to 5 years and a system of special re-entry permission will be introduced for those foreign nationals who wish to re-enter Japan within 1 year will, in principle, without any application for a re-entry permit.

Moreover, the existing system of alien registration will be abolished upon the introduction of the new system of residence management.

Each notice below is about existing systems. For information about new systems, please check the website for the Immigration Bureau of the Ministry of Justice below:

1:Alien Registration System

2:Status of Residence and Period of Stay

3:Re-entry Permit and Activities Other Than Permitted Under the Status of Residence Previously Granted

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